Packing light and packing small has become more important to me as I journey on in life.  The older I get, the lighter my pack seems to get!  This isn’t a bad thing, this only means I may be getting smarter, too.   I don’t want to lug around so much stuff that I end up with a sore neck, shoulder, or back.  I want to enjoy my travels, so I am always scouting for items that will make my traveling easier and more comfortable at the same time.  This has a lot to do with why I created the Julpak!  Compact, lightweight, comprehensive.  When heading out for places and experiences known and unknown, here is a list of some items to consider, along with your Julpak, of course:


1. Travelling Light Ultra-Sil Travel Day Pack


Packs down to key-ring size and opens to 20 liters.  If you need a shopping bag, stuff sack, or day pack this is handy-dandy.  Don’t you just love that Sil-nylon fabric?  Weighs only 2.9 ounces.


2. Olight S1 Mini Baton Flashlight

600 lumens on high with 4 other settings. 1.5 ounces and has a magnetic base.  Best light out there.


3. Scrubba Portable Laundry System Wash Bag

Durable microbial- and hydrolysis-resistant poly, doubles as a dry-bag.  When traveling more than 3 days it’s good to be able to wash out your socks and undies, but this will handle any garment.  5 ounces.


4. Dr. Bronner’s or Campsuds Organic Liquid Soap – 2 oz.

Biodegradable and can be used to wash above laundry as well as your body, dirty dishes, and anything else washable.


 5. Personalized First Aid Kit

You know what you need for your essential meds.  Put those in here as a back up along with the typical pain relief, digestive relief, motion sickness, band-aids, antibiotic cream, eye drops, and mole skin.  REMEMBER, some check points REQUIRE a valid med tag/proof of prescription or you cannot pass.  Weight will vary, but should average around 6 ounces.


6. Flip Flops

A life-saver for less than inviting floors, showers, and around camp.  Pick up a pair on the cheap at any dollar store.



7. Snack Bars

Of your choice, and I never leave home without at least one in my pack.  You never know when you will need a boost.


8. Outdoor Research Helium II Rain Jacket

At 6.4 ounces, it’s perfect when the weather becomes unstable.  Adding this layer can be a lifesaver.  This model is ultralight and pricey, so pick the one you like best.


9. Ultra Light Down Seamless Parka

Add a thin down or down alternative layer for possible cold nights and change in the weather.  Compact, lightweight, and doubles as a pillow or neck rest in flight.  Depending on your pick, can weigh as little as 7.7 ounces, but the average is about 12 ounces.


10. Bungee Clothesline

No pins or beads needed.  Can double as a gear tie, luggage wrap, and tarp line.  Weighs about 6 ounces.


11. Emergency Blanket

At a little more than 4’x 6’, this can be used as emergency shelter, cover, ground cloth, water gathering device, emergency signal, and, oh yeah, for hypothermia blanket.  Weighs about an ounce and fits in any small crevice or first aid kit.


12.Antiseptic Hand Wipe

Get the smallest bottle you can find.  It’s refillable, so you avoid extra packaging waste.  A good first aid kit item, too.


13. Compressed Towels

Drop a couple of these in your pack to use for washing up or as emergency toilet paper.  Great first aid kit item, too.  Weighs next to nothing.


14. Collapsible Water Bottle

Go through TSA, then fill it up at a water station.  A 32-ounce bottle weighs about 2 ounces, rolls up when empty to fit in a pocket or pack and will take you everywhere.  We always need a water bottle.  Loop a piece of 550 paracord onto it and you have a carrying strap and emergency cord to boot.


15. Emergency Contact Card

If you are lost or found unconscious, it’s a good idea to have not only your own info, but of someone close to you.  Printable card available here:


All told, these suggested items add up to about 3 pounds.  Not bad for so much protection and preparedness!

Thanks for reading!