Get Your Gear

Every adventure needs its gear to keep you prepared.  Load your Julpak with ID, Credit Cards, Cash and then think about what else you may need throughout your travels. First aid?  Fire-starter?  Julpak’s line of gadgets has many items to keep you ready for anything.  Everything in the shop is specifically chosen to fit into your Julpak: it’s just the right size, with minimal weight.  This group of equipment is targeted for use exclusively with the Julpak and will provide you with the confidence and ease you want and deserve when you head out the door!

Be Prepared

Being prepared is a virtue in our ever-changing world.  When setting up a Julpak as a kit, make sure to fill it with items for any emergency.  Be “that person” who is ready for anything.  Gear up your Julpak today and load it with all your needs with one convenient trip to the Julpak store.

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